this is just an experiment tbh. my friend visited my site with some dark mode addon in his browser and i thought the result looked cool. but of course i don't want to lose my pink theme :)

historically, this "feature" used cookies, partially due to browser compatibility, and partially because i am not very smart. i wasn't able to get the browser compatibility i wanted anyway, so i changed this to use localstorage instead. if you had a cookie on this site, it has been deleted, and replaced with a localstorage key with the same value

randomize (just the good ones tho)

weather - pink (default 2021)
weather - winter
weather - spring
weather - summer
weather - fall
weather - night default (2020) classic (late 2018 - early 2019)
classic enhanced

test, meme, or otherwise bad themes
backgrounds :)
top bar test (broken as of march 11th 2021)
weather - spring (vector)

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10/21/14 - you will always be my Melody