buny.plus state of affairs, november 2021

07 Nov 2021

for the two people who have kept up with any of my projects, it’s been a while huh? it’s been about a month since there’s been an update to hazel and robyn, which is unfortunately not the first time this has happened. so like, i haven’t had the proper time to work on my stuff recently. i’ve recently started a new job, and while it pays well it’s really tiring. i haven’t really had the energy to work on anything and it’s really starting to bother me. here’s what i have to say specifically:

hazel and robyn

i’m not sure how i’m going to say this, but my drawing speed is a bit too slow for how much i want to pack into each story. hazel and robyn was invisioned as a cartoon series, and exists as a comic bc that is more attainable and give me more creative control over the project. one thing both comics and cartoons have in common is that they take a long time to make. after deciding to develop h&r as a comic, i wanted each page to be more filled, rather than just the 4 panel format it currently is (the 4 panel format was easiest for me since at the time i had barely dipped my toes into comics), but i’m even struggling with the 4 panel format as well!

i know the tone of this is bleak, but i want you to know that hazel and robyn is NOT OVER!!! i have a few pages that i can post after finishing. after that, i’m not sure. i guess the comic will go on hiatus, and i’ll just be working on notes for it while i figure out how to keep some energy for doing things when i’m not at work, even if it’s just restricted to the weekend.

evergreen lament

THIS ONE has been a doozy to work on. with a much simpler and more ameteur-ish, mspaint inspired look to it, you think it would be easy to draw for, but i sometimes actually have a harder time making something that looks right in this style than in the h&r style! unlike h&r, this does not have a specific schedule and it will release chapter by chapter, or so i thought at first. based on my notes, chapter 2 is looking to be quite a bit longer than chapter 1. i still would want to drop a sizable amount of content at one time, but i might have to split the chapter into parts. maybe 30 pages each part, about the same length as ch. 1.

chapter 2 part 1 drops,,, whenever. i can’t say for sure due to the same issues i’ve elaborated on above, but i do hope to release SOMETHING before the year ends. chapter 1 is out and has been out for some time now; if you missed it, you can find it here. just be aware that this project has very dark, heavy themes that may be triggering to some readers.

project sanctuary

if you noticed a link to this in the sidebar, cool! i can’t say much about this yet, but here’s to hoping for 2022!

the rest

as is said often, there is only so much time in the world. there’s only so many hours one lives through. i do this solely because, well, i want to. it’s fulfilling to me. if you think this is a waste of time, or that my stuff is “cringe” or whatever, lol i don’t care; i don’t do this for anyone but myself.

i’ve also considered opening up a discord server? just because? i don’t necessarily want to post the link here yet, so if you know my discord (or if we’re mutuals on twitter or whatever social media) just send me a dm if you REALLY want in

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